Enhance enterprise mobility with a business VPN
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Enhance enterprise mobility with a business VPN

Reports have suggested that by the year 2020, 50% of the Indian workforce will comprise of millennials. And as you might know, the millennial generation has grown up using increasingly compact yet powerful computing devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. As a result, these devices have become an integral part of their personal and professional lives. And if you run a business, you should be mindful of this fact because eventually, most of your employees will belong to this generation. And your future sustainability and success will depend on your ability to engage and attract the best millennial workers. A key requirement for engaging the millennial workforce is enabling enterprise mobility.

In addition to facilitating a mobile workforce, enterprise mobility is also critical for enabling connectivity and coordination between your in-office and on-site personnel. It is necessary to provide seamless connectivity between the administration and the operations departments of your organization. However, enabling enterprise mobility without data privacy measures like a business VPN can end up being counterproductive, and potentially be detrimental to your business’s sustainability.

Enterprise mobility can lead to security loopholes

Enterprise mobility, in addition to engaging employees and improving remote collaboration, also results in increased productivity due to on-the-go access to data and business applications. However this mobile access requires employees to use public networks which can mix sensitive business data with the data on the public networks. This makes such data accessible to external entities, potentially compromising your organization’s confidentiality. Instances like these may lead to the leakage of vital information such as business plans, trade secrets, or customers’ and employees’ personal information, landing you in deep trouble from both regulators as well as competitors.

Business VPN services can secure the mobile workforce

Using a business VPN provides an isolated environment for all your employees to freely share information amongst themselves regardless of the distance between them. A business VPN encrypts all the information shared by your employees so that nobody outside the organization can access it even if they use public networks.

Thus, using an industry standard business VPN service such as that provided by Gajshield ensures that your enterprise mobility initiatives achieve the results you desire without making privacy a major concern. Thus, you can offer your employees a carefree network experience and enable them to do more, regardless of whether they are at the workplace, at home, at a client site, or on the move.

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